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If you need to speak with someone in rehabilitation & continuing care, please call the front desk at 248-426-6955. If you need to reach someone in assisted living, please call Diane Beri 248-426-6902.

Senior Assessment Center

Growing older doesn’t mean accepting that you will have to live with declining health and frailty. At Beaumont Commons, Farmington Hills, we believe older adults in southeast Michigan can and should live healthy, vibrant lives, and we understand this might require a little extra help and support. The Senior Assessment Center is located on our beautiful campus in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Here we offer specialized assessments by experienced geriatric clinicians. Each of our team members is trained to detect subtle mental and behavioral changes that might be reversible or managed with early intervention.

Working Together with You and Your Doctor

Our geriatric specialists provide the following evaluations:

  • Private, comprehensive physical and diagnostic assessments that include mobility, balance, medication review, lab work, nutrition counseling and more.
  • Social assessment to aid seniors with advance care planning, home safety evaluation, and community resource education.
  • Psychological assessments that can help detect sleep disorders, memory loss, depression, anxiety, cognitive function and capacity for making decisions.
  • An objective driving assessment that is approved by the State of Michigan to determine if a senior is still safe behind the wheel of a car.

Your Personal Recommendation

We take a holistic approach to aging and will share the findings of our comprehensive evaluation with you. It includes a review of symptoms, diagnoses, and lifestyle factors that may be influencing your health and wellness. We also make recommendations for effective and practical treatment options.

With your approval, we will share your assessment results and recommendations with your primary care physician for any attention or follow-up.

Schedule a Senior Assessment

We make this process easy for older adults in southeast Michigan.
If your physician or a physician who cares for your senior loved one has suggested an assessment,
please call us at 248-426-6930 to schedule an appointment.