Top 7 Moving Tips

This list of top 7 moving tips will help you start preparing for a move. Whether you are moving from a home to a condo or a condo to an apartment, you will have to prepare for moving your belongings to a new homestead.

  1. Consider if you are going to use a professional moving company. This is strongly advised to help remove the burden from you and your loved ones.  Moving can be much more strenuous and overwhelming than originally envisioned.
  2. Take a close look at your current home. Consider all of your belongings and ask yourself if all of these things weren’t coming with you, which ones do you consider “must haves” to bring to your next place? Mark them accordingly.
  3. Label the items you want to give to someone else — family members, loved ones, friends.
  4. Identify the things you would like to sell, in a moving sale, garage sale, on consignment or with the help of a professional estate seller or auctioneer.
  5. Mark the items that you would like to donate. This may include leftover items from a sale if you have one.  Call local charities to see if they will pick up items from your home, including large items such as furniture.  Many will do so when scheduled in advance.
  6. Concurrently, mark and begin to pack the items you are bringing with you. Before putting them in a box, ask yourself a second time if you really want it to move with you. Remember, you are moving to a new space and perhaps some new items would feel like a treat in your new space.
  7. Be sure you consider the floor plan of your new space and indicate on the boxes which rooms your items and furniture are to be placed. The more time you spend doing this beforehand will greatly help those assisting in your move on the receiving end.
Pro tip: 

If you are not working with a moving company that sells boxes, many movers re-sell used boxes, including places like U-Haul.  It can be quite a savings versus buying new boxes.

Moving onto our campus?

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Download PDF here:  Top 7 Moving Tips 2022 FH