Top 7 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Retirement Community

If you or a loved one are looking to make a move to a retirement community, this is a helpful list to start the process.  These are 7 basic questions you want to ask each place you visit.  It is important to know when you’re looking from one community to the other, that you are asking the same questions of each one.  This will help ensure your research is being done equitably and you aren’t leaving anything important behind.

  1. In what type of community are you looking to move?  Is it Independent Living only, Assisted Living, Dementia Care and Skilled Nursing, or is it all of these, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
  2. How much is the monthly rent?  If there is a deposit (especially for a managed care program or Life Care program), is the deposit refundable?  How much is refundable? When?
  3. How often does the monthly rent increase?  By how much?
  4. What does the monthly rent include?
    1. Meals
    2. Utilities (which ones)
    3. Housekeeping
    4. Transportation
    5. Activities
    6. Other (add items that may be important to you)
  5. What amenities are in the unit?
    1. Washer/dryer
    2. Kitchenette
    3. Balcony or Patio
    4. Other
  6. Are pets allowed?  Is there a size or weight limit?
  7. Are loved ones allowed to visit?
    1. What are the visiting hours? Are they welcome any time?
    2. Are they able to stay overnight?
    3. Are there accommodations available such as guest apartments?

This is a great starting place for the questions you and your loved ones want to ask. Add more questions as they become important or apparent to you.


Download PDF here:  Click Here